The UN-2030 Sustainable Development Goals, international One Health for One Planet Education & Transdisciplinary Research initiative (1 HOPE-TDR) , UN Summit of the Future (2024)

June 24, 2024


Provided by:  *George Lueddeke PhD, Global Lead, 1HOPE-TDR

*Dr. Lueddeke is a member of the Advisory Board – One Health Initiative

 SDG 2024 Report 

"The 2024 progress assessment reveals the world is severely off-track to achieve the 2030 Agenda. Out of 135 targets with trend data and additional insights from custodian agencies, only 17% are progressing as expected to be achieved by 2030. Nearly half (48%) exhibit moderate to severe deviations from the desired trajectory, with 30% showing marginal progress and 18% indicating moderate progress. Alarmingly, 18% have stagnated, and 17% have regressed below the 2015 baseline levels. "

 Importantly, the happiest countries in the world are those where freedom of the press is the greatest! 

Country Rankings 

The International One Health for One Planet & Transdisciplinary Research Initiative  (1 HOPE-TDR) 

1 HOPE-TDR (overview-att'd)  highlights the criticality of  taking the One Health & Wellbeing concept (interconnection of all  life in a shared environment) and the SDGs forward by seeking to address the socio-economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges that face us. 

 Education, formal and non-formal, transdisciplinary research and community engagement -at all societal levels - are key to cultivating an "active care for the world and  those with whom we share it" (UNESCO).  

They may also be pivotal in  making "the UN Summit of the Future (20-23 September 2024) the transformational global moment that the world demands."