ONE HEALTH and “vaccine hesitancy” addressed cogently in:

The Vaccine Ecosystem 

(Economist's Vaccine Ecosystem Initiative)

The Economist Group's Vaccine Ecosystem Initiative aims to promote a sustainable vaccine ecosystem by examining and reimagining elements critical for vaccine development, deployment, and adoption. As the development and deployment of covid-19 vaccines unfold around the world, we will take a comprehensive view across the broader vaccine ecosystem to explore ...

SEE: One Health and Leadership: the role of vaccines and vaccine acceptance

*Dr Laura Kahn, co-founder of the One Health Initiative, tells The Economist Group's Dr Mary Bussell how living in a microbial world inextricably links animal, human and environmental health, driving the need for public health leaders to consider the vital importance of a sustainable vaccine ecosystem.

*Dr. Kahn, a physician, is formerly a research scholar with the Program on Science and Global Security at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University (USA).