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Tuesday, February 13, 2018.


Policy Brief

Investing in One Health

A concerted approach to address shared risks to humans, animals,

and the environment

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One Health Approach is Critical to De-risk Human, Animal and Environmental Health

“... Four takeaways from this Framework:

  • Starting points for One Health vary by context, disease, and objectives. Public health systems must be agile enough to address all hazards. While not all public health threats require a One Health approach, countries need strong human, animal, and environmental health/management systems and coordination between them to determine which sectors are relevant for understanding and managing risk.

  • One Health is integral to the success of multisectoral national action plans for health security, to address antimicrobial resistance, and for disaster risk reduction. It can optimize pandemic preparedness planning and enhance climate change vulnerability assessments.

  • One Health approaches should be built into project design from the outset. Engaging all relevant stakeholders early on can help optimize project success by promoting a common understanding of issues and joint solutions to address them, anticipating risks, targeting gaps, reducing duplication, and facilitating relevant coordination channels.

  • Communication is a key priority for One Health understanding and implementation. Planning for disease events and maintaining strong multi-sector coordination channels helps ensure consistent and effective messaging to manage risk, enhance efficiency, and promote credibility of all sectors. ...”