United States Senator Diane Feinstein has submitted to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2022, a reasonable and very useful amendment CREC-2021-11-01-pt1-PgS7542.pdf ( SA 4087 that would essentially help strengthen our nation’s public health security by:

  • Establishing a One Health Center of Excellence at the FDA to develop programs and enhance strategies to research, monitor, prevent, and respond to emerging public health threats, such as zoonotic disease outbreaks;
  • Encouraging the new office to conduct and support research to better understand emerging public health threats, such as zoonotic disease outbreaks, as well as other biological, chemical, and radiological threats to public health.
  • Supporting recruitment and training for personnel engaged in such research, monitoring, prevention, and response efforts; and
  • Facilitating collaborative relationships with relevant federal and state agencies.

The One Health Commission and the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team supports adequate funding for and enactment of legislation aimed at protecting the nation’s public health.