United States Department of Defense (DOD)

Where Animal and Human Health Research Coincide

“...Since the 1940s, DOD has considered veterinary pathology interlinked with human health and environmental issues such as anthrax, Ebola and the West Nile virus, said Alves, who also is the veterinary pathology consultant to the Army surgeon general....”

“One-Health Approach

The relationship among animals, humans and environmental issues comprises what the colonel calls the “One Health” approach. Specifically, he explained, certain animal species can mimic the same disease as in a human. Studies using animal models also include research on traumatic brain injury and on chemical or thermal burns to see how such issues affect the human body, he said. ...  “Veterinary pathology is just like human pathology. Skin is skin, a heart is a heart, a liver is a liver. There may be some differences in species, but ultimately the tissue looks very similar,” Alves said. “Once we get over that hurdle, veterinary pathology is essentially the same thing as human pathology. We just do it with four legs.”