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SEE: Univ. of Idaho Letter to Editor from President - January13, 2023

" ... In the College of Science, the Computational One Health initiative brought on four data scientists, with another on the way, using P3 funding. As part of One Health, the researchers use data to model and forecast health outcomes, specifically from animal-borne diseases.

“The health of people is often directly related to the health of animals and the environment,” said Barrie Robinson, director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Sciences, which oversees One Health. “Using computational simulations and publicly available large data sets, we can forecast scenarios or even find solutions to health challenges.”  ..."

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*Nancy Chaney, RN, MS – Environmental Science– Past President, Association of Idaho Cities and Board member, National League of Cities, former mayor, City of Moscow Idaho (USA)

*Member Advisory Board - One Health Initiative