“ ... The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that diseases transmitted between animals and humans can reach any country or region in a relatively short period of time and spread widely. Implementing a multidisciplinary and multisectoral “One Health” approach at the national, regional, and global levels will lead to efficient disease prevention and control, as most emerging infectious diseases originate in animals. Global health and the resilience of food systems, in a post-COVID-19 world, will be increased by strengthening existing crisis preparedness plans, response capacity, establishing adequate governance of the “One Health” approach, and consolidating efforts to mitigate health risks that may arise from the human–animal–environment interface.

In this context, animal health and food safety continue to be key priorities in Uzbekistan. They represent a fundamental pillar to alleviate food insecurity for the most vulnerable populations and safeguard human health. The collaborative work in the areas of animal health, food safety, public health, zoonoses, and improving the value of livestock are considered priorities.”

SEE: USAID, FAO Join Forces to Ensure One Health in Uzbekistan - U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan (