Visionary Joint One Health Endorsement Message by Physician and Veterinarian from India


“The fascinating history of human and animal medicine shows how concepts have developed over time. Each generation builds on the knowledge of the previous one. There have been antecedents to the concept of One Health from the days of Rudolf Virchow [physician], William Osler [physician] and Calvin Schwabe [veterinarian] or even earlier in ancient India as cited in the Vedic treatise of medicine ‘Shushrutha Samhitha’ (6th Century BC). Ancient physicians treating human conditions were also trained to treat animal diseases. These practitioners also understood the intricate relation between man, animals and the surroundings.

However, the concept of One Health has remained submerged. And it would have remained so if not for the resuscitative efforts of the core members at the One Health Initiative. Today every major medical, veterinary [medical] and public health organization in this world has endorsed the One Health Initiative.

A synchronized physician and veterinarian education could be the first step in propagating the concept of collaboration. It would enhance public health efficacy by expanding the scientific knowledge base and in the process establish that ‘between animal and human medicine there are no dividing lines nor should there be’ for the purpose of protecting and saving lives in our present and future generations.

On sensing the potential of this global initiative to forge interdisciplinary health collaboration in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment, we established an exclusive Post Graduate Diploma in Zoonoses at TANUVAS, the first Veterinary University in South East Asia (now in its silver jubilee year).

This initiative could be a small step towards something more significant in magnitude. We envision in the future, under aegis of the One Health Initiative a joint MD/DVM program could evolve in medical and veterinary schools around the world. It would produce a new breed of physician-veterinarian who would be a testimony to the concept of One Heath.

We congratulate our friends and colleagues at One Health Initiative for their unique leadership and commitment. Unparalleled advances in medicine and health care can be possible with the One Health approach. We would like to wish every success to all the people involved in this initiative.”


Provided to One Health Initiative website April 30, 2014 by:

L. Gunaseelan, MVSc, PhD

Professor and Head Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology

Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

Chennai, India

Note: Dr. Gunaseelan, a veterinarian, is also Adjunct Professor, Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Michigan State University (USA).  His areas of expertise and interest include viral diseases, vaccinology and helmintic zooonoses.


Gifty Immanuel, MD, MPH & TM, PhD

Director, Center for AIDS & Antiviral Research

Tooveypuram, Tuticorin

Tamilnadu, India, pin-628003

Phone +91-9008067000

Note: Dr. Immanual is an infectious diseases physician and Director, Center for AIDS & Antiviral Research at Tuticorin, India  He is involved in research and clinical management of human viral infections with areas of interest including zoonoses, biodefense and communicable disease control.  Dr. Immanual is a longstanding One Health supporter/advocate and is included in the One Health Initiative Supporter list