Humans are largely responsible for the alarming increase in zoonotic diseases.

Posted May 6, 2021 |  Reviewed by Davia Sills

SEE: What the COVID-19 Crisis Is Telling Humanity | Psychology Today Canada


  • Two physicians with impeccable credentials tell us in an easy-to-read essay what we need to know and do about the ongoing global COVID pandemic.
  • Humanity has to recognize the oneness of all life.
  • What is good for nonhuman animals and the planet is also good for humanity.

What are some of your current projects?

We are now focusing a great deal of attention on global brain health and its connection to a One Health approach, the overarching importance of brain health to overall health, and a number of global COVID-19 research efforts. 2 We are also active in efforts to carry out the suggested actions on behalf of all life that we have laid out in this current paper.