“Strengthen national [U.S.] One-Health surveillance efforts to combat [antibiotic] resistance”…

White House Strategy Recognizes Importance of One Health Approach in Combating Antibiotic Resistance (USA)


      September 2014 – See

Vision: The United States will work domestically and internationally to prevent, detect, and control illness and death related to infections caused by antibiotic- resistant bacteria by implementing measures to mitigate the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance and ensuring the continued availability of therapeutics for the treatment of bacterial infections.

Goals and Objectives

With these principles in mind, the Strategy lays out five interrelated goals that guide collaborative action by the U.S. Government in partnership with foreign governments, individuals, and organizations aiming to strengthen healthcare, public health, veterinary medicine, agriculture, food safety, and research and manufacturing. Those goals include:

1. Slow the emergence of resistant bacteria and prevent the spread

 2. Strengthen national One-Health surveillance efforts to combat resistance

Antibiotic resistance can arise in bacterial pathogens affecting humans, animals, and the environment. Strengthening detection and control of resistance requires the adoption of a “One-Health” approach that promotes integration of public health and veterinary disease, food, and environmental surveillance. Improved detection can be achieved through appropriate data sharing, enhancement, expansion, and coordination of existing surveillance systems, and creation of a regional laboratory network that provides a standardized platform for resistance testing and advanced capacity for genetic characterization of bacteria including whole genome sequencing.

3. Advance development and use of rapid and innovative diagnostic tests for identification and characterization of resistant bacteria

4. Accelerate basic and applied research and development for new antibiotics, other therapeutics, and vaccines; and

5. Improve International Collaboration and Capacities for Antibiotic Resistance Prevention, Surveillance, Control, and Antibiotic Research and Development