World Bank One Health Operational Framework 

The World Bank has released an Operational Framework for Strengthening Human, Animal and Environmental Public Health Systems at their interface (“One Health Operational Framework”). This new framework, developed in partnership with EcoHealth Alliance, aims to provide a basis for understanding and implementing a One Health approach in global and country investments. Building on World Bank’s prior “People, Pathogens, and our Planet” reports, it examines the strategic context, rationale and case for investing in One Health, provides an inventory of tools and other resources from the human health, agriculture, environment and disaster risk reduction sectors to facilitate multi-sectoral coordination, and incudes technical guidance for appropriate One Health entry points and operations along the prevent-detect-respond-recover spectrum of preparedness. The Operational Framework is available for free download at:

 Provided May 3, 2018 by:

*William B. Karesh, DVM, Executive Vice President for Health and Policy

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*Dr. Karesh is a longstanding U.S. and international One Health leader.  He will be providing additional "One Health" insights at the 5th International One Health Congress in Saskatoon, Canada, June 22-25, 2018