Elimination of dog-transmitted Rabies by 2030 targeted -World Veterinary Association (WVA) and World Medical Association (WMA) Joint Press Release - September 27, 2017

WVA [World Veterinary Association] President, Dr Johnson Chiang said: ‘Rabies control is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional activity. Participation and effective intersectoral cooperation among medical and veterinary professionals from government and academic institutions, civic and local bodies, national and international nongovernmental organizations, and animal welfare organizations is essential’.

WMA [World Medical Association] President, Dr Ketan Desai added: ‘If dog-transmitted rabies is to be eliminated, strengthening legislation concerning pet ownership, reducing the population of stray and unowned free-roaming dogs, broadly implementing dog vaccination programs, and provision of early rabies diagnostic facilities and adequate post-exposure health care are prerequisites. Dog-transmitted rabies elimination is an ideal opportunity to move the ‘One Health’ concept forward’.”