October 31, 2020 

The One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono team is pleased and proud to announce that among the current outstanding One Health supporters/advocates and recognized leaders, Richard Seifman, JD, MBA, has graciously agreed to serve as a participating member of the One Health Initiative team’s honorary Advisory Board  The Board was established on December 1, 2010.

Seifman has been a longstanding One Health supporter/advocate.  He is a former World Bank Senior Health Advisor and U.S. Alternate Representative to the Food Agricultural Organization, Washington, DC.  He has over 25 years designing, implementing and evaluating World Bank health projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, including dealing with HIV/AIDS, Ebola pandemics, as well as the One health approach.   He is a member of the Global Fund Technical Review Panel and a former U.S. senior foreign service officer with overseas postings in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.  In addition he has been a prolific author and opinion columnist for IMPAKTER MAGAZINE

Richard Seifman | CapacityPlus

Richard Seifman, JD, MBA

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