Investment to prevent and prepare for the next pandemic requires enlightened self-interest in public health

By Vivek Kapur, Sindura Ganapathi and 5 others

October 26, 2022 in HealthSociety

What science knows and has long told us is the interconnection of humans, animals, and the environment, which is essentially the One Health approach. As Rudolf Virchow, the father of comparative pathology who coined the term “zoonosis” put it:

“Between animal and human medicine there are no dividing lines–nor should there be. The object is different, but the experience obtained constitutes the basis of all medicine.”

While Virchow’s vision of “One Medicine” failed to be appreciated during his lifetime, the Covid pandemic has renewed interest in the establishment of policies and the development and implementation of programs, and tools, for surveillance, early warning, prevention, and operational measures that meld human, animal, and environmental health for the benefit of all. Better now than never.

But why did Virchow’s virtuous vision of One Medicine / One Health not take hold sooner? ...”